We’re a passionate team of foodies. We source the finest Asian groceries.

Walking into an Asian food store can be pretty overwhelming. We totally get it. It’s exactly why Emily (after months of What If’s and Why Not’s) decided to quit her day job in finance to pursue this question: how might we change the “Asian Grocery Shop” experience?

One of the first pain points we solved was getting rid of that heavy bag of groceries people lugged home from China Town. That’s why we began online and made delivery as seamless as possible. Next, we decided to open a physical store. Why? We wanted to get to know you. The customer. To talk to you and make sure we source products that fit the people we are trying to serve.

We’re still figuring out more ways to answer the question we posed earlier, but we hope to see you soon in our Twickenham store to show you the progress we’ve made. 

Love, Emily
Founder of Food Sanctuary